Thursday, March 1, 2018

2 Tips for Businesses on Improving the Customer Experience

As a management consultant who has worked with numerous businesses, here are my two best tips for giving a great customer experience:

1. Practice user simplicity - this means that you put yourself in your customers' shoes, and go through every part of your business that is customer-facing.  How can you make it simpler and easy?  As an example of something NOT user simple, I once went into a store to buy a vacuum cleaner.  There were many models there, and nobody to explain the difference.  Once I decided which one I wanted, I realized that it was locked to the shelf.  In fact, many of the vacuums were locked down—apparently by random since the most expensive models were not locked up.  I had to search for an employee, then wait for her to find the right key.

2. Make the most of mistakes - This is not to advocate for mistreating the customer but, despite our best intentions, issues do occur.   How you handle it can make the customer's experience even better than if the issue hadn't occurred! Adopt the mentality that the customer is a normal, healthy adult (until proven otherwise) and not out to cheat or abuse the system.  Empower your employees to make decisions worth a certain amount of money and encourage them to ask the customer "what would make you happy?" For example, a guest who stays in your hotel and has a normal stay won't talk about it on Facebook.  But, he will post: " I stayed at Hotel X.  The faucet was leaky, but they fixed it immediately, and gave me a free dinner in the restaurant!"