Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Guest Post: How to Grow Your Small Business By Satisfying Busy Customers

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How to Grow Your Small Business
By Satisfying Busy Customers

Today’s consumers don’t have time to wait for websites to load or customer service agents to reply to their questions. After all, your customers are just as busy as you are! If your business isn’t set up to satisfy people in a hurry, you may have a hard time retaining customers or acquiring them in the first place. Here are a few simple tricks to please those busy shoppers.

Do Competitive Research

Any business can benefit from conducting a competitor analysis. A competitor analysis is a type of strategic research that involves collecting useful information about what your competitors are up to. When you’re looking to grow your small business, a competitor analysis can help you discover unique business opportunities. For example, you may discover specific audience groups that your competitor has yet to target with their marketing strategies.

A competitor analysis will also help you determine the weaknesses of your competitors. Many online retailers have trouble meeting the demands of their busy customers. This is an area where your smaller specialty store may be able to get ahead. For example, a competitor analysis may reveal that your competitors’ customers frequently complain about their poor customer service. If this is the case, you can advertise your business’s excellent customer service and response times to win some customers from your competition.

Redesign Your Website

In order to find success and please picky customers, your website needs to grow with your business. Perhaps your cookie-cutter website worked well at first, but it won’t be able to handle customer demands as your business expands. Consider hiring a professional web developer to optimize your site. According to Upwork, a good web designer will understand the basics (HTML, Javascript, etc.), communicate with you through the design process, and tailor your website to the platform you’re most comfortable using.

A professional web developer should know how to build a website that will please your audience. For example, your customers expect your web pages to load within seconds. In addition to a reliable web hosting service, proper coding will ensure fast page load speeds. On top of this, your customers need to be able to find what they’re looking for immediately. If your website navigation is complicated or your products are hard to find, your website visitors will simply leave and shop elsewhere. It’s also important that your checkout process is effortless and seamless. According to Sourcify, 28 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts when the checkout process is overly long or complicated.

Address Customer Inquiries Immediately

While a fast website is important, providing excellent customer service may be the best thing you can do to hold onto time-strapped shoppers. Customers don’t like to wait for replies from brands. In fact, Smart Insights revealed that over one-third of consumers expect a social media response within 30 minutes! When communicating with customers, be courteous and speak like a person. Use easy-to-understand terms so that your customers are clear on what you mean and aren’t forced to do their own research to solve their problem.

Good customer service will help you grow your business because satisfied customers are much more likely to recommend your products to others. Plus, happy customers are likely to buy from you again. Since it’s much cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one, keeping your customers happy is extremely valuable to your business.

We’re all busy. Show your customers that you value their time by catering to their needs. When it comes to growing your business, pursuing customer satisfaction may be the best business strategy of all!