Friday, June 17, 2016

The Joker's Tattoos: Innovative Content Marketing For "Suicide Squad"

To promote this summer's "Suicide Squad" movie (based on the D.C. Comics series where the government uses villains to complete dangerous missions), the producers went beyond trailers.

As an example of synergy between content marketing the film, and the film itself,  the movie is giving the Joker tattoos for the first time.  Now, to publicize the film, the producers are revealing that the tattoos contain meanings and hidden "Easter Eggs" based on the long comics history of the joker.

There are two lessons for business:

1. Are there any neat stories behind your products and services that can "edutain" prospects and draw attention to your business?

2. Can you build interesting content into your business that you can later use for marketing?


  1. Even if this is a great example of good marketing, I still hate that they gave the Joker tattoos... and tattoos an edgy teenager would get, to boot. "Damaged" in cursive on the forehead? Really? Why, just why?!

    Sarah | O'Malley Hansen Communications

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