Saturday, March 28, 2020

7 Laws of UX Design

Two components of Strategic Simplicity® are user simplicity and decision simplicity, which affect the user experience for customers, prospects, and employees.  Get it right, and you can increase sales, build loyal customers, and enable productive employees.

Here are 7 Laws of UX Design that can help:

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid-19 Bailout

Who else feels like the $1 Trillion or $2 Trillion bailout by Congress will result in waste and some money down a "black hole"?

Instead, why don't they set up a temporary fund with offices in each state that allow businesses to bring proof of their weekly earnings before #Covid-19 , and simply make up the difference between that and what they are earning now, on condition that they hire back and pay everyone who was on the payroll on those normal weeks?

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Exponential Growth of Covid-19

This is what "exponential" means:
It took 67 days from the first reported of Covid-19 to reach 100,000 cases, 11 days for the second 100,000, and just four days for the third 100,000. hashtagcoronavirus hashtagcovid19

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Should we bail out the airlines?

On one hand, this isn't a normal downturn. 

But, on the other hand:
1. Airlines spent 96% of their free cash flow on stock buy backs, instead of a rainy day fund.  
2. If an airline goes bankrupt, it's not the end of the world. The planes and skilled employees are still there. Someone could buy their assets out of bankruptcy, and start a new airline tomorrow.
3. We bailed them out after 9/11, and they still (except for Southwest) went bankrupt.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Friday, March 6, 2020

My Experience With Example of Market Disrupting Strategic Simplicity®

We just bought a 2016 Nissan Leaf (our first electric car) from, and the experience was great.

It shows that eCommerce can be powerful when done right, and the power to disrupt industries when you weaponize simplicity to deliver a streamlined, easy user experience.

It saved me so much time compared to going into a dealership.  It was like ordering off Amazon.  They automatically generate the contracts and you can electronically sign them in seconds.

They delivered the car to my door, and we had 7 days to try it out.  We ended up swapping the first one we bought for one with more more luxury features.  They came out and did the swap.

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My son's Story "Glorious"

My son Anshul wrote a great war story on Medium:

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How Streamlined is Your Business? Take The Strategic Simplicity® Test

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Market Simplicity - What big idea or theme do you want your product or service known for? What one thing do you want to focus your marketing on?

2. Decision Simplicity - How easy is it for prospects to decide and evaluate among your offerings? Is it easy for them to see the value of your products compared to those of competitors? Does your product portfolio overlap and cause confusion?

3. User Simplicity - Once a prospect decides to become a customer, how easy is it for them to buy, use your product, and take advantage of sales and servicing? Consider your employees to be (internal) customers: do you provide them with user simplicity to do their jobs?

4. Change Simplicity - Do you break change down into small chunks—micro projects, that you can iterate through? Do you apply analog vs digital thinking?

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Simple Systems Have Less Downtime

This article is a good example of illustrating what I've been talking about for years:  Simple systems, especially software, are easy to run, support, and trouble shoot.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

If I had to advise to my younger self

1. Spend less time/effort trying to please others. 

2. Instead of debating endlessly about stuff and playing it safe, make little bets by taking trial actions. If they don't fail, or you have some success, then iterate and scale up. #advice #successstrategies

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