Monday, July 1, 2024

Gen Z's Wikipedia

The Economist recently had an interesting article about a site called Famous Birthdays. They called it "Gen Z's Wikipedia." The founder found a niche in that, besides just listing conventional celebrities, the site lists influencers.

It's success shows how the nature of fame is no splintered. In fact, marketers are now using this site as a tool to identify influencers for ad campaigns.

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Scary News About China and AI

This is one of the scariest things I've read recently (June 15, 2024 Economist):

"At the start of 2023 experts reckoned that the Chinese LLMs that did exist were a decade behind the American cutting edge. Now the same experts reckon that the transpacific model gap has shrunk to a year or less."

© 2024 Praveen Puri