Monday, September 21, 2020

Shampoo advice: rinse and repeat

Strategic Simplicity® has always been about carving out focused micro-projects, and iterating, self-correcting, feed back, analog vs digital.

© 2020 Praveen Puri

Leaders Develop Their Team

As a leader, you’re primary responsibility is adding value to the business and pleasing customers, but it is also to develop your team and make their jobs interesting. 

So, don’t micromanage. Do delegate, but don’t just break things down into rote work. There is a balance that engages people: not too easy, but not overwhelming. A good leader know where his/her people are at, and adjusts the level of work as they learn more.

© 2020 Praveen Puri

scrum / agile, water fall, CMM, six sigma, etc

The thing is, scrum / agile, water fall, CMM, six sigma, etc are concepts that circulate in and out of favor.

The key is how they are actually implemented inside a company.

You can be successful with any of them, as long as you implement them with common sense.

I've also seen them all fail when they are implemented by runaway bureaucracy - where following the process is given more importance than results.

© 2020 Praveen Puri

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Two Universal Truths

1. If you keep putting something off, then you don't really want it.

2. Shiny new tools are no substitute for judgement and experience.

© 2020 Praveen Puri

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Organizational Scaling/Maturity and Over-Complexity

As companies mature and scale from the start-up phase, there is a need to add processes and procedures.  However, most organizations over-complicate the bureaucracy.  Complexity keeps growing along with the company.

To be healthy, complexity should taper off and become stable, while the company continues to grow/mature:

© 2020 Praveen Puri

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Wake Up! The World of Business is Changing Rapidly!

We're in uncharted territory.  It's a brave new world of social media, global competition, and no gate keepers.   All your employees touch customers and the outcome can be spread word of mouth around the world instantly.

Technology is exploding around us and change is accelerating.

Either you're great or a commodity - there is no middle ground for "good".

People and businesses need to tap their inner uniqueness and try new, creative things. We need to experiment and keep failing and succeeding.

It's all about connections - connecting with customers, suppliers, and partners to continually build more connections and goodwill.

All employees and entrepreneurs need to be artists, social media marketers, and connectors.

We need to learn creativity and improvisation.  We need to continuously create value in the moment.

© 2020 Praveen Puri