Thursday, February 1, 2018

Praveen's Strategic Simplicity® Framework

My Strategic Simplicity® framework helps leaders dramatically improve their businesses.

Here are the components:

1.  Market Simplicity - What big idea or theme do you want your business known for?  Even if you can do more, what one thing do you want to focus your marketing on?

2. Message Simplicity - How clear and concise are your internal and external communications? Can people at different levels of the organization, with different skill sets, get the right data and messaging?

3. Decision Simplicity - How easy is it for prospects to decide and evaluate among your offerings?  Is it easy for them to see the value of your products compared to those of competitors?  Does your product portfolio overlap and cause confusion?

4. User Simplicity  - Once a prospect decides to become a customer, how easy is it for them to buy, use your product, and take advantage of sales and servicing?

5. Operational Simplicity - How simple and streamlined are your internal processes?  Consider your employees to be (internal) customers: do you provide them with user simplicity to do their jobs?

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