Thursday, February 1, 2018

Praveen's Strategic Simplicity® Framework

My Strategic Simplicity® framework helps leaders leverage technology to dramatically improve their businesses.

Here are the components:

1. Change Simplicity -  Do you break down projects into micro-projects that you can iterate through? Do you apply analog vs digital thinking? Do you avoid scope creep and seep?

2. Message Simplicity - This is about communications and positioning, both internally and externally. What one thing do you want each tech product known for? Internally, are expectations and goals (along with context) transferred between Vision -> Strategy -> Roadmaps -> Implementation?   Does effective translation occur between business and technology?

3. Decision Simplicity - How easy is it for prospects to decide and evaluate among your offerings?  Is it easy for them to see the value of your products compared to those of competitors?  Does your product portfolio overlap and cause confusion? Internally, do tech leaders and their teams have the right data and knowledge to make tradeoffs and technical decisions?

4. User Simplicity  - Once a prospect decides to become a customer, how easy is it for them to buy, use your product, and take advantage of sales and servicing? Consider your employees to be (internal) customers: do you provide them with user simplicity to do their jobs?