Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Partial Internet Voting: 80% of the Benefit Without The Security Risks

Everybody talks about internet voting and, while a few places have implemented it,  most elections don't allow it because of the security risks.

But, what about the efficiency of partial internet voting?

By this I mean that, the election commission could create a website and application that lets people vote, and then print out their ballot. Security wouldn't be an issue because you still have to physically show up, check in, and turn in your ballot.

At the voting places, they could replace voting machines with computer/printer combos, and set them in front, before you check in with the clerks.

Then, people who printed their ballots at home could walk right up to the clerks, check in, show ID, and submit their ballots.  Done!

Meanwhile, the people who want to vote at the voting place could simply line up at a computer, fill out the website, print their ballot, and then walk up to the clerks, check in and turn in their ballots.

This would get people in and out quickly.