Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Business Strategy / IT Project Execution Gap

                                                            Sebastian Voortman, Pexels

Not enough IT departments have strategic, trusted advisor relationships with the C-suite. Too many operate like pharmacies: taking orders, and delivering medicines. But companies need more "doctors" who can diagnose and proactively help executives take advantage of technology, especially new ones such as AI, machine learning, and quantum computing.

In companies, there is a barrier between leadership and technology that works in both directions. The implementation needs of high level strategy, planning, and roadmapping don't effectively filter down the organization. At the same time, technical initiatives that could help senior leaders improve the organization stay within the technical department, where they struggle to get sponsorship and resources.

This gap represents a big opportunity for CIOs / CTOs wanting to elevate and differentiate their operations.

I created the Strategic Simplicity® Framework to help companies use technology to dramatically drive business growth and improvement. I advise on digital transformation, project execution, streamlining operations, and risk management.

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