Monday, July 10, 2017

The Clutter and Creativity Cycle

If you want to be creative, innovative, and successful, is it better to have a clean, empty workspace, or a clutter, disorganized one?

Yes.  The answer is both!

1. Start working on a big, new, bold idea by cleaning your desk and starting with a blank slate.

Just sit in an empty space, with clean white paper, and a pen!


2. Don't let the paper and the space remain empty for long!  Plunge in!  Start experimenting, writing, and thinking!  No cleaning up, second guessing, or self-editing!  Let your desk get messy and cluttered as you creatively work!

3. Then, once your done, either implement your new ideas immediately or throw them away!  Ideas and intentions decay exponentially.

4. Then, clear away the clutter, and start the creative process over!

Neat / Empty ->  Messy / Cluttered -> Neat / Empty