Tuesday, September 5, 2017

For Simplicity, Shrink Your Options

For creativity and innovation, we always hear that "you should keep an open mind", or "think outside the box".

But this is only half the story.  This is great for the experimental phase, where you test and iterate through ideas to find the best ones.

But, once you decide to execute, you need to shrink your box.  You need to focus on a few, high-quality, core ideas.  Otherwise, you'll get overwhelmed, spread through thin, and your business will be mediocre at best.

So, you need to keep your experiment/testing phases and production/execution phases separate.

The correct sequence is:

1. expand your ideas and "play" in your "sandbox" (development environment).  Come up with proven, break-through ideas.

2. Implement selectively and focused so that your production offerings are streamlined and well-executed.

3. Go back to your sandbox and experiment some more.  If you create something better than your "production" model, then replace it.

4. Rinse and Repeat.