Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Time Magazine Unsubscribe Example of Non-User Design Simplicity

I have a subscription to Time Magazine, and they kept emailing me offers for other magazines.

I got tired of it and went to unsubscribe.  They had an email opt out.  I clicked on it and:

1. I had to enter my email.

2. They said that it will take effect within a week.

This is not user simplicity.  In most cases, when you want to opt out of email, you just click on the link and click "confirm".  You do not have to retype your email (which is already known, since you are clicking on their email), and it takes affect immediately.

When it comes to improving your business with Strategic Simplicity, its not always a matter of making a massive change.  A lot of irritating complexity is caused by little things that can be easily changed.