Tuesday, September 5, 2017

No "User Simplicity" At AT&T

One of the important components of Strategic Simplicity that I help companies with is User Simplicity.

In today's world of Attention Scarcity, you irritate your customers if you waste their time and make the user experience difficult or unpleasant.

This morning, I had a negative user experience at AT&T.  I needed to call on behalf of an elderly relative who wanted to make his number unlisted, to cut down on unwanted calls.

As soon as you call AT&T, your connected to an AU—Artificial Unintelligence.  It kept asking me to explain what I was looking for, without immediately giving me the option to reach a human.

In my case, getting a number unlisted seems to be an uncommon operation, so the AU struggled to understand.  It kept ping-ponging me between menus—until I jabbed the '0' key several times in a row.

Then, I finally got put into a queue and waited another 10 minutes before reaching a human...