Sunday, October 8, 2017

Peanut Butter Sandwich "Hack" Backlash—People Hate Unnecessary Complexity

I just read a Yahoo article about how the Food Network revealed a  Peanut Butter Sandwich "Hack". It involved spreading the peanut butter on wax paper and freezing it, so that you now have peanut butter "slices" that can be laid on the bread.  One of the "advantages" was not tearing the bread.

As evidenced from the comments section, people instinctively recoiled at this unnecessary complexity:

"I hate these buzzwords. everything is a 'hack'..."

"Worlds most complicated pb sandwich.Sounds like she has too much free time.Peanut butter is supposed to be quick and convenient."


"Brilliant. Too bad the Nobel Prizes have already been handed out."

"Dip knife in jar, spread peanut butter from knife to bread. Done.  This 'hack' is stupid. Sounds like she just likes round about ways to do simple things."

"Sounds like it takes more time then to just carefully spread peanut butter so you don't tear the bread, never have that problem. This person just likes busy work."

"She needs a lesson in how to use a butter knife to spread peanut butter. If she's unable to do that, she's not qualified as a chef. Sounds like another millenial who wants to build her twitter account with more useless advice."