Thursday, October 17, 2019

Three Most Common Reasons Employees Aren't More Productive:

1. Not paying attention - this is getting worse as meetings become more virtual. People are multi-tasking and not fully engaging with the person talking. This results in information needing to be repeated. 2. Not admitting they don't understand - this problem particularly affects workers in other countries, so it is partially cultural. The employee does not want to admit that they do not understand what they have to do, so they are reluctant to ask clarifying questions. The result is an unpleasant surprise down the road, and the company having to invest in re-doing failure work. 3. Not being able to communicate issues clearly - employees need to be able to succinctly summarize an issue, and then be able to drill down into details, depending on the type of audience. hashtagproductivity hashtagCommunication

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