Friday, August 30, 2019

Specialize and Niche?

There is a lot of business advice out there—most of it of questionable value.

One common piece of advice is that you should specialize in a narrow niche.  A classic example these "marketing gurus" give is that, if you are a web designer, you should specialize in designing sites for dentists.

They go on to say that, if you are a dentist, who would you choose: the web designer who specializes in dental sites, or a general business website designer?

Well, if I was a dentist, I certainly wouldn't pick the web designer who only works for dentists!  The last thing I'd want is a cookie-cutter site that looks like ALL the other dental practices out there.

This is the Attention Scarcity Age!  People are bombarded with noise and choices.  You want to stand out as an expert, not a commodity.  You want someone who is a process expert, who has honed his skills designing unique sites for a variety of clients and domains.

Remember, YOU have the content knowledge on how to be a dentist.  You can provide the content.  You need someone who will design it in a way that attracts and informs your customers.

This goes beyond web sites.  For any kind of expert or consultant, you want a process expert who works with varied clients and industries to keep his or her thinking fresh.  You don't need them to be an expert in your field.  YOU are the subject matter expert in your field.

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