Saturday, August 22, 2020

Bring Pure Zen Improvisation to Your Work!

Pure zen improv - don't get scared because you aren't a "professional" actor from Second City - you are the actor of your life! 

This is what I like doing - solving problems, creating - with a group of people - in the moment.  This is deeper than  simplicity and minimalism - its intuition, improvisation, freedom.

Have the courage to create in the moment - old works feel stale - mentally discard that work and create something fresh.

Stop letting yourself or others make you feel like you aren't a professional - or who are you - or what you are doing.  You are worthy and qualified.  You give yourself permission to create.

You're not just a minimalist artist or creator - you're a zen improvisational creative artist.

Present moment awareness.  Creativity, improvisation, creating in the present moment, problem solving.

Let it flow out from you - trying not to get stifled - get the flow going.

creativity, simplicity, zen, improvisation

We need to help people unlock their creativity, be themselves, flow, and shine!  Bring out the best - best solutions, etc - stop holding back - bring out excellence.

Not ok, not good - but excellent - be your greatest stuff.

© 2020 Praveen Puri