Saturday, August 22, 2020

Why You Need A Blog

I once thought a blog was good for directly making money - by selling your products and / or advertising.

Now, I know that's a terrible reason to have a blog - the world is saturated with play it safe, commercial blogs that everyone ignores.

No - I need to write this blog for me - as an outlet - to discuss my ideas and, sometimes as a catharsis.  Those are the posts I need to do - that are written in a frenzy of stream of conscious, improvisational nuggets.

I need my posts  to be art- to be authentic - uncensored. Need to capture my ideas, and put it out for the world.  

By being authentic to who you are, that is the way to attract like minded people, and connect with people. Not connect with any ulterior reason in mind - just the need to express and hopefully draw connections.

Anything worthwhile is accomplished in this fast, moving Attention-Scarcity Age by connecting and working together as artists.

© 2020 Praveen Puri