Saturday, August 22, 2020

What's Your Passion?

What's your passion?  Music, dance or drawing?

For a while, I thought my passion was software development, trading, or simplicity.  Then, I dug deeper - below the surface of these interests.

Now, I know that it's improvisation - creating stories and stuff in the moment - it makes me feel alive…

I really enjoy using my imagination and combining it with present moment awareness.

I think my three intersecting passions are improvisation, zen, and writing.

I think that this is where I feel alive and great!

Maybe that is why this blog, despite not having a lot of traffic, has a high rate of subscribers - a  high range of engagement.

I like having conversations - i love present moment thinking - living in the present zen - creating in the present - then the moment is gone.

Like seeing football live - no replay - you see the play, move on!

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