Saturday, August 22, 2020

No School Buddhism or Zen

If you look at the texts, there are lots of schools of Buddhism and Zen - that's all academic and bookish - it destroys the spirit of zen.

Be like Bankei - the zen master who preached being unborn.  He belonged to no school or sect - he had his own individual unique zen.

Zen is LIFE - in the moment, the day to day, the mundane!

All the texts complicate it and seem like professors pontificating.

It's all simple - focus on having no preferences, concentrate on the present moment, focus on the inter-connectedness of all living things.

Know in your heart that you are not individual, separate from the world.

You are like a flower - sprouted from the Earth.  You live on Earth, then you die and get absorbed. New people continually sprout up to continue the cycle of life.

© 2020 Praveen Puri