Saturday, October 24, 2020

Software Security Vulnerabilities in Unused Code

I work with a lot of clients to make sure their project managers, software architects, developers, analysts, and stakeholders are all on the same page—aligned on the business value of new projects.

Not practicing Strategic Simplicity®, and maximizing value while minimizing waste, can really weigh down technical organizations, and reduce resources for competitive innovation.

Sure, developing the wrong / un-needed features negatively impacts project completion, but delivering the project is the tip of the iceberg: the real pain of badly scoped software becomes apparent once it goes into production.

Not only can badly designed software cause customer service issues, but they can unnecessarily compromise security, and make the whole company vulnerable to hackers.

I've seen software applications regularly fail security audits due to code vulnerabilities in features that are never used.  Even if the features are disabled from the menu, the code is still mixed in and will continue to get flagged.

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