Friday, February 23, 2024

CIOs Complain About Tech Bundling

Consumers have been "cutting the cord", and switching from cable to streaming, because they don't want to pay for bundled channels they don't watch.

Now, according to a recent WSJ article, CIOs are having the same issue with tech vendors.

There have been an increasing number of business technology acquisitions, and it's resulting in fewer, but large-bundled, offerings.  For example, the article mentions that, after VMware bought Broadcom, it "went from more than 160 individual products to two primary bundled offerings."

The CIOs don't like it because, in many cases, they are just searching for products to fill gaps in their IT systems.  By having to buy in bundles, they end up with more complex systems with redundant functionality.  As one CIO described it: "I now end up with overlapped Venn diagrams...very hard to manage."

To simplify their IT, thus promoting robustness, reliability, and better security, CIOs need access to streamlined, modular products that let them better customize for their needs.

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