Saturday, February 3, 2024

Crossing the AI Weapons Taboo

I'm predicting that, in the next year or so of the Russia-Ukraine war, we will see autonomous AI drones, that target and strike without being operator controlled.

Autonomous AI weaponry, where the AI kills humans on its own, have always been considered in the realm of science fiction, and considered a "Rubicon" we shouldn't cross.

However, with the nature of the war (WWI trench stalemate, with increased reliance on drones), I see this as being an almost progressive certainty.

This weekend's WSJ had an article about how the Ukrainians, running low on ammo, are now depending on tons of start-ups that are developing cheap $300, in-house designed, drones that carry RPGs, and are flown as FPV (first person view, with the pilot wearing VR goggles).  Their goal is to start making 1 million drones a year, and they are working on incorporating AI, in case the signal gets jammed.

Meanwhile, the Russians are converting shopping malls into drone factories.

In the future, this war will be known for drone innovations that changed the nature of war forever.

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