Wednesday, September 4, 2019

ALL Companies Are Now Tech Companies...and Need A High-Level IT Strategy

As a former start-up CEO, bank executive, and now strategy consultant, I know that ALL companies are now tech companies. While there are plenty of vendors who provide app design and cloud services, I find that the one thing that companies need, above all else, is a high level IT strategy. Too often, I have seen that companies, and their vendors, focus on tactics (the How?), like apps or website design, without thinking about strategy (the Why? and What?). To really grow your business with technology, you need alignment between the business and the technology. Unfortunately, many consultants in IT strategy work for, or are aligned, with vendors, so they focus on fitting the strategy to their pet technology. However, there are independent consultants out there, such as myself, who don't align with vendors or specific technologies, and stay unbiased. hashtagcloudservices hashtagitstrategy hashtagconsulting hashtagerp

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