Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Value of A Pure Advisor

There are many consulting companies that will both advise on strategy, and then implement the findings.

But clients are usually better off hiring a pure advisor such as myself, and then hiring a separate consulting firm to implement.


Because hybrid advisor/implementors have a bias for big, "sexy", high-tech, complicated changes.  Even if it is unconscious and unintentional, it is still there.  They tend to gloss over simple changes which, while trivial to implement, lead to tremendous value.

Also, on the other hand, if they identify a change that would yield great value, but is beyond their competency, they make think "How would I implement this?", and then be reluctant to recommend it.

As pure advisor, however, I have a clean, blank slate.  I am like a detective, looking for clues.  I actually love small changes that yield big results.  They give my clients the best ROI.  As I identify changes, I focus on value to the client, not on the triviality or complexity of implementation.

It is analogous to the brainstorming process.  When brainstorming ideas, you don't want to be simultaneously editing.  The editing / critiquing mode comes later.

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