Friday, September 27, 2019

Cloud, Change Management, and ERP

As a former start-up CEO, bank executive, and now consultant, I've worked on many ERP and digital transformation projects.  In every case, I've found that most of the issues have resulted from miscommunication (on both sides) and over-complexity.  User-focused change management and on boarding was an after-thought, with user training and orientation done in one overwhelming swoop at delivery time. Developers and designers failed to fully understand the users' current work-flow in order to design critical tasks to be familiar.

Today, the cloud can make change management much more effective.  Since the cloud handles infrastructure, designers and developers are freed up to focus more on the business logic, and customization of work-flow to match the users' current method of work.  Secondly, the ease of deployment in the cloud means that mock-ups and limited-functionality demo instances can be set up during the deployment phase, so that users can be trained in phases, and provide feedback to designers while development is still taking place.

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